Aloha from Pineapple Ice on Fiji

Wednesday can be hard, it's the middle of the week and your work schedule is at its all time peak. Yea we hate it too but things are about to get better.. Lindsey Higa Hawaii fashion blogger of Pineapple Ice just came back from a dream trip to Fiji, yes F I J I. For the past week we have been living vicariously through her insta posts (@pineappleice & #ALOHANAMOTU13) where she surfed, lounged, and immersed herself in the local culture. We were able to get her the new Cruise color, lime green and it looks perfect on her. We just launched the new colors, its all your favorite styles from summers, Tahitian Sunrise, but in all NEW colors. We have limited stock so get them before they are gone. Let the photos help you forget its Wednesday and leave you daydreaming about FIJI..but don't blame us if your boss catches you. Aloha <3 Marissa Lindsey is wearing the Bora bora Top & Hina Bottoms. (Click images to enlarge) Read More on her blog: