Old Hawai'i

Lucky we live Hawaii. Hawaii is always a good idea.

It's apparent in todays social media that Hawaii is a special place. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I am so thankful I get to call this place home. For many its just a dream to vacation in Hawaii. It's not just the beautiful landscape that makes Hawaii so special but the culture & people. From the Hawaiian & Polynesian culture to the surfing culture, it makes Hawaii so diverse and special. We really are Lucky to live Hawaii. 

I would LOVEEE to flash back to the 50's in Hawaii, from the retro boards to the classic cars & of course the style.  Something about seeing old surf films and photos send me day dreaming of life back in Old Hawaii. When life had no worries besides the present. With no cell phones or internet, I'd like to imagine life was about really enjoying the present moment. Because old Hawaii has always appealed to me, I was so excited to do an ESCAPE campaign shoot inspired by Vintage Hawai'i.

The models are Mahina Alexander & Austin Kino (and his beautiful truck), both native Hawaiians & photographer Brooke Dombroski. Makeup artist Cassandra Rull. Floral Head piece by Makane at Ocean Dreamer.With this dream team and the natural backdrop we were able to recreate Old Hawai'i. We hope you can ESCAPE to old Hawaii and don't blame me if you start finding yourself day dreaming of Hawaii.

Aloha from Paradise- Marissa

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