Issa de' mar meet O-Shan

If the sea wore a piece of jewelry this summer it would be something from O-Shan's Summer Bora Bora collection. How appropriate is the name of her collection, Bora Bora and our summer line Tahitian Sunrise. It was a match made in South Pacific dreams. I got to sit down over my favorite cup of Starbucks coffee and talk story with Shelley and learn more about the story behind O-Shan (Pronounced like ocean). She is an Israel native now living in Hawaii and right before we met up she had just come from a weekend in Kahoolawe volunteering. Rad. And like us, if she's not designing she can most likely be found surfing Rock Piles or Laniakea on the North Shore. Here's some Q&A from Shelley Leemor The inspiration for your line.. my inspiration for the "Bora Bora" summer collection was the pacific islands of tahiti and bora bora, it is a collection made with the smell of salt water and taste of cold sweet pineapple. The different shades of aqua and teal in the water, bright green palms and the sensation of limitless luxurious vacation. You mentioned you moved from Israel, tell us more.. I started designing jewelry in the fifth grade, and was selling my merchandise to other girls in school... so when I grew up a little, I attended Bezalel Academy of Art and Design- the most prestigious design academy in israel, and did my B.A in jewelry design. during my studies I was chosen to go on an exchange program for a semester abroad in australia, where I learned to surf and fell in love with it. Upon graduating, I moved to costa rica to excel my surfing skills , and opened a little boutique there selling my jewelry and other art by local artists.. After 2 years I returned to Israel , started competing , and won the Israeli surf championship in 2006. A year later I opened my first shop in Tel Aviv. Moving to hawaii is a dream come true. I now design all my jewelry prototypes here, and the manufacturing and distributing is done back in Israel.. Favorite travel destination.. is costa rica-so beautiful and laid back. Dream destination.. can you guess?? Bora Bora!!! my friends just returned from a 10 day holiday there, I was sooo jealous. End notes.. I feel very lucky and blessed to be living and creating in Hawaii, and enjoy every day to it's fullest. My ideology is that we only live once, so it better be a good one. there is no room for fear of hesitation. you should know what you want, and not be afraid to pursue it!! Check out her new collection. Instagram @O-Shan Aloha, Marissa