Issa de' mar Surf Club

Issa de' mar Surf Club
Each jacket is embroidered in California by Co-owner Melissa Jasniy's Aunty. She loves to embroider and quilt, so when we came up with the idea for this project, she was the perfect fit.
Each jacket is embroidered by her so it takes time to create each piece.
Mahalo for your patience, for the drop of the new jackets. 
We brought it back in the signature blue jean as well as black and White. 
Embroidered details on Jacket:
-A Mini shaka to remind you to share the aloha wherever you go 
-A Shell to remind you of the sunny days spent in the ocean and the treasures you found in the sea 
-Boyfriend Sleeve to remind you that the ocean will always be your first love 
-A wave on the back for all the good times at the Beach! 
-And either Surf or Beach embroidered on the back because ... let's be real Surf, Beach, Surf is all we really wanna do in life.