Leila & Laguna


As half of Issa de' mar I grew up in Southern California until I was 17 before moving to Oahu. Although Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Laguna is definitely in the top ten. We recently got the chance to venture back to Laguna with our good friends Tara of Ladyslider and Brooke of Brooklynhawaii and found ourselves doing what we do best ...impromptu photoshoots. In between the great food, Venice adventures, and quick trip to Mexico, yup you read that right...more of that to come, we got the chance to shoot with the Beautiful Leila Thomas, aside from being Miss World Reef, and many other things, she really is a beautiful human being inside and out. So here's a small taste of Tahitian Sunrise SS13 taken by the ever talented Brooke Dombroski! Enjoy xx Mel